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The AV Agency is a full-service production solution designed to cut out the complexity and confusion around event audio visual. Our goal is to provide exceptional event production, build relationships, and create an unforgettable audio visual experience without the stress or worry.

Welcome to The AV Agency, we are an independently owned event production agency based in Las Vegas, NV.  

We produce events all around the United States.

Dear Event Planners -

We understand you.


Planning an event brings #crazybusy to a whole new level. You are in charge of creating an unforgettable, successful and engaging event. That's a tall order, even for the most seasoned event planners. The sheer volume of details and decisions ahead of you likely means longs days and countless cups of coffee. 

That's where we can help. As an experienced, full service AV production company, we partner with you to take some of the burden off your shoulders. With your vision for this event and our eye for excellence, your event will be a stellar, top-rate (not amateur) event.

Your planning experience and your attendees event experience are our priority. Everything we do is catered to reducing your stress and time. We make the process easy to understand by taking the complexity & confusion out of the audio visual for your event.

Listen, we know that this might be the first time you've considered hiring an audio-visual team like us. Maybe, you've just used the hotels "AV Guy" in the past. Maybe this is your very first event. Whatever your reason for being curious about us today, know this: we are here to support YOU.


Take a moment to read a message from our founder,

Josh Roberson.


Our team is trusted by business owners, like these: 

As a full service boutique event production company, we are laser focused in providing exceptional audio visual and show management for your event. We offer only what we are great at and do it very well. 

Get more done, in less time.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our team is comprised of top notch technicians that are exceptional in their craft.

Enjoy these features as an AV Agency client:

  1. Initial Consultation: We will discuss the details of your event, and the support level you need from us.

  2. Strategy Walkthrough: We take our time to make sure we have answered all of your questions as we walk through our design and AV quote together.

  3. Planning & Logistics: Create a production schedule from your event agenda, making sure we have covered everything around event audio visual and presenter logistics.

  4. Creative Meeting: We get your VOG's, walkup music, and presenter riders.

  5. Recap & Ready: One week prior to the event. Consider this our dotting our "i's" and crossing our "t's" meeting.  

  6. See you onsite!

  7. Post Event Debrief: Our desire is to be your go-to team for future events. By taking the time to collect feedback, we can continually improve our support of your events.  

Here are the conversations we'll have along the journey. 

Communication is key. 

Common Language

No complicated techie-talk here. We explain our plan in normal-people-speak; making tech approachable & simple to understand

Professional Quality Gear

No cheap knockoffs here, we only use industry grade event tech. 

72-Hour Guaranteed

We provide you an event quote within 72-business hours of our consultation; saving you time.

Thanks Valorie - We couldn't say it better ourself

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Our client Valorie thought she would save some money by just hiring the hotel AV provider. Watch her story & learn why she now chooses The AV Agency as her partner. 


Simple, Affordable Options

Choose from two, customizable paths: 

AV In-a-Box

We have put together our top 3 highly favorable event AV packages to support you. These are great options if you are in a 911 event situation or have very limited time for planning. With our optional add-ons, you can customize these ready-to-go options to tailor it to your event. 

Full Service AV

Full service event production with our "Nordstrom" service. We become an extension of your team. All event tech will be handled by us from 2D room diagram(s), 3D render(s), breakouts, general session, presenter riders, production logistics and everything in between. We take care of it all, so you don't have to.


Schedule your FREE Consultation

We are passionate about creating superior AV experiences for events, so we'd really love to hear about yours. This no-pressure call is a way for you to learn about us while we explore the possibilities of working together.  On this call we will discuss:

  • the "when and where"

  • ballroom specifics

  • your AV requirements

  • the AV production that will fit in your particular space  


Choose a consultation below to book online.  Your contact info will never be shared. We just want to help!

Need your answers now? Call us at (702) 848-3128

Call: (702) 848-3128 

Email: hello@avagency.com

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