Create attention-grabbing content for your brand

We use technology to uplevel your brand message. 

Attracting the attention your brand wants all starts with how your brand looks on camera. The way you look on camera will say a lot about your brand and value of the products you sell. 

All gear is not created equal. In 2020 we all learned how to get a ring light and a webcam to work for our daily video conferencing needs, but wouldn't it be cool to not only host your daily meetings in tip-top quality but also create all of your marketing videos from the comfort of your home or office?

With our help, you can skip the expensive studio rentals or travel away from your family for an extended period of time. By creating a home video conferencing studio you can create your marketing videos, host your webinars, digital events, online training material, etc.  This is all possible with our guidence.  



Get the Gear

Knowing what gear to buy/rent for what you are trying to create is uber important. Don't waste time and money guessing. Let us help you figure it out today.    

Online Workshop
Create high quality content

Now that you have the gear, it's time to create. Using technology to help you create a customized brand experience for your audience is    

Eco-Conference Web Design

This is the easy part, hit that go live or record button. There's no stopping you from hosting webinars, speaking on virtual stages, or going live on social media.  

What we Do

We help you gain Expert Credibility to make a bigger impact and increase your sales with professional video.

We get it...

It’s late in the afternoon and you're sitting in front of your laptop, about to make that umpteenth Zoom call to your client or prospective customers. The lighting makes you look ill. The microphone in the laptop makes you sound as if you’re at the other side of a body of water. 


Your clients keep asking you to repeat what you’ve said. Your audience fails to connect and engage with what you’re presenting. But it doesn’t need to be this way.




Our team at the AV Agency is made up of live streaming wizards with the creative and technical know-how to transform your virtual events, webinars, and online presentations from average to exceptional.


Professional-looking video gives you instant expert credibility in your field, increasing your potential to make more sales, enables you to reap a bigger return on your investment, build your audience and solidify your authority in your chosen niche. We’re ready to help.

Every business has had to adapt to the changes that have transpired over the last year, and that will continue in the years to come. The business has changed forever. People are now left scrambling to learn how to live stream, create webinars and figure out all the technical details and networking that can be a crucial obstacle to overcome to put your best foot forward online. This is where our Supertechs step in.

      Our Approach

You get to choose how hands-on you want us to be.

Our approach is flexible in how much you would like to be in the driving seat when it comes to the setup and running of your virtual events, live streams, and webinars. This is because we understand that there are business owners that are savvy and would like more control when it comes to their broadcast.


On the flip side, we also know that others would like to leave the technical side of things to someone else while they focus on their presentation and their message. We work with you to get the best results, in the way that you prefer.


The Supertechs at the AV Agency will help you to level up your game and will supercharge your presentations with:

  • Audio, Lighting, and camera equipment to polish your image and keep you in the spotlight.

  • Branded overlays for your stream, making your online image consistent and identifiable.

  • Customized QR codes for immediate audience downloadables.

  • Utilizing your smartphone as a convenient Powerpoint remote.

  • Give you the ability to see, speak with and connect with your audience all while viewing your slides and your countdown timer as you present.

  • And much, much more!

Our team is trusted by business owners, like these: 

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Chef Lisa Brooks

CEO - Chef Lisa Brokks

Josh and his Supertechs delivered in making me look and sound amazing on my live streams, which also translated into my video content. He first assisted me by evaluating my “set” and made suggestions for what I should change – namely the camera equipment – and taught me how to use the equipment I already had. This included my existing lighting and audio, saving me a lot of money!


Jessica Terzakis

Program Director - Terzakis Associates

Josh blew my mind when he Supertech my virtual event speaking opportunity. I’ve never had such a wow factor before that led to such major results in such little time! Not only this, but he made everything easy to understand and I never felt as if he was trying to oversell me on something. In all honesty, I couldn’t believe how good of a teacher he was. Josh delivered on everything I wanted and more.”

Kim Butler.jpg

Kim Butler

CEO - Prosperity Economics Movement

Year in, year out, I continue to hire Josh and the AV Agency for my events. I just want things to run smoothly so that I can focus on delivering my content. Not only do they succeed in this, but they make me look and sound fantastic, boosting my confidence allowing me to grow my community, increase my income and scale my business for the better. Production Value = Product Value

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