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Get more done in less time.

Event Production

Hire an expert team today for your corporate events.

Stage Design

Let's use event technology to create some stage design ideas.

Event Producer

From a technical aspect we coordinate everything A/V. 


Live event videography is capturing your event on film. 

Join The AV Agency's family.
Trusted by business owners nationwide.

"If You Think It's Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.


Help us ..help you.. we not only create an experience for your attendees but your experience is also important. Everything we do is catered to reducing your stress and time. 

We take the complexity & confusion out of the audio visual for your event.


If you're still on the fence..this video is from our client Valorie who thought she would save some money and just hire the hotel av provider and learned an important lesson. Don't make that mistake, hire us today.

Thanks Valorie - We couldn't say it better ourself
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  We are all about events, so let's discuss your event needs in detail. This is not a sales pitch, we want to make sure you are getting the best av for you.

  On this call, we will discuss when and where, ballroom specifics, your av requirements and the av production that will fit in your particular space.   

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You can always count on us.

Welcome home to The AV Agency.


At The AV Agency, it's our greatest joy to support business owners and event planners all over the world. We are in the business of removing the av production complexities to assist you easier, so you look like the ROCKSTAR onsite.

Our Core Values:
1. Have Fun
2. The Golden Rule
3. Transparency

Our industry is all about creating fun and memorable experiences. So let's have fun and change the world.

Love everyone as yourself.

Treat others as you would treat yourself

A true open-door policy, we are upfront and visible in everything we do. 

2019 Events

Thank you to all of our clients, we're looking forward to this year's company events.


Our Leadership

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to The AV Agency, please welcome to the stage our thoughtful, fearless and fun leader....Josh Roberson.

Thanks for reading that, I have always wanted to announce myself to stage.

Again, Welcome.

I'm all about creating a real connection with my clients. If you live in the Las Vegas area, let me know and we get to go meet up for coffee or lunch soon.


I created this company to help business owners and event planners avoid costly mistakes when hiring their event production company. I'm here to give you the best experience not only for your attendees but yourself included. I pride myself in my 48hr turnaround and unique differentiator.

 When I'm not in work mode I like long walks on the beach...no...scratch that..no beach for me I'm a woods type. Mountain biking, skiing, white water rafting, hammock laying, beer-drinking type of guy.

If you want to learn more about me or see what I'm up to.. come and hang out, or check out my personal social profiles. ------>

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All about events.

Event Production Blog

This is not your ordinary event blog, this is packed with information all about events. Whether you're looking for event production, stage design or need information on av rentals or event apps we have you covered. 


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Call us today at (702) 848-3128. 

Have a great day, and we hope you find the answers you are looking for.


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Lets talk about your event AV.

We can't wait to hear from you

Yes, we are based in Las Vegas, the "entertainment capital of the world" but we support clients all over the world. We welcome large and mini-events as all events are unique and that keeps us sharp as a tac. 


What you can expect from us:

Step 1 -Book a meeting with us or fill out the contact form

Step 2 - Our first meeting will be an event overview / AV requirements

Step 3 - We will send you a quote within 48hrs.


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