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Hello There,

I'm Josh Roberson. 

I founded The AV Agency in hopes of bringing Audiovisual excellence to events. Since then it's expanded into so much more. We have the opportunity to partner with businesses all over the country AND The AV Agency is quickly growing to be a primary training resource for others looking to make their career in AV. 

As you explore your options out there, know that The AV Agency offers an unparalleled service in partnership and excellence.


You've heard of comparing apples to oranges. When it comes to how we compare to other agencies, it's more like comparing apples to tomatoes. That is because we do things very differently. 

Consider looking beyond the equipment lists and dollar signs. Expand the possibilities to having an AV partner with the skill, passion and dedication to being your advocate throughout the whole process. 

In my 15+ years in this industry the top 3 complaints from event planners has always been: 

  1. I feel like I'm getting gouged. 

  2. I'm not getting the attention I need. 

  3. I don't understand the plan and how all of this "stuff" fits my vision. 

The AV Agency has been built to intentionally address those concerns.

  • We don't sell you extra stuff you don't need.

  • We are transparent about every piece of equipment, down to where we rent from. 

  • We limit our intake of events each month so that we can guarantee my personal involvement in each one. I want the opportunity to support my team AND you throughout the whole process. 

I won't pretend that we are the largest AV agency out there. We ARE, however, The AV Agency who will be a good steward of your wallet and your event experience. 

would welcome the opportunity to chat about your event