How to shoot better video at home for live streaming and more in 2020.

How to shoot better video at home for live streaming and more in 2020

Whether you're a new business owner or you've been established for quite some time now, learning the fundamentals of video and live streaming at home is a surefire way to empower your marketing efforts, build authority in your niche and provide an insider perspective into your business to your target audience.

A video on your website or a live stream to your potential customers is the best method of building rapport with them as they get to connect with you on a deeper level. This is all down to the way people consume information these days. More and more consumers are watching video content.

I hope to demystify some of the fundamental concepts you need to understand to shoot better video. We'll break down the basics of camera, lighting, and audio gear and why they are important aspects to consider for your live stream or video. I’ll also be giving you advice on stepping up your game to the next level so that you appear professional and stand out online.

home studio example – focus on camera being used – budget option such as Canon EOS M50

What camera should I use?

It’s a question that I get from clients all of the time, and it’s one that is more relevant than ever. We are lucky to be alive when the technology has become so good there are so many options – from high-quality webcams to professional cameras.

I’m pleased to tell you that you can get yourself a camera that will give you the professional image you’re looking for without breaking the bank. But which one? And why? You can't go wrong.

I would always recommend starting with a cost-effective setup, fits within your budget, and gives you the ability to manually set up the camera (choosing the camera settings yourself). Manual modes take some learning, but your video quality will grow by leaps and bounds. But don’t worry. I’ll be guiding you through the video production process during our regular content and online courses to help you become a master of your camera.

It is incredibly important that you care about your video quality. As more and more people are consuming video content online, there are more and more creators. Businesses of all shapes and sizes invest in equipment and education to provide their customers with the best quality.

If you want to tap into the market, you’ll need to start looking like a professional by equipping yourself with the right knowledge and tools.

Lights, camera, action!

The next part of the video production equation is lighting. Once you've got yourself a great camera that fits your budget level, lighting will help elevate your content into that professional strata.

Camera lenses are not as sensitive as our eyes - so the more light you feed the camera, the clearer, cleaner, and sharper your image will look. Once you start learning video production, you'll start to realize that it is mostly about how you light your video and how you capture your audio (up next).

If your budget can’t stretch to include a basic LED light (which I highly recommend), you can choose a location in your business or house that features a large window. The disadvantage is that you’ll be limited to certain times of day to get that lovely soft sunlight.

Making sure you are lit well is the first step in enhancing the look of your video or live stream from amateur to professional. A simple change of lighting can often make a beginner look like an authority in their field. In my experience, the online audience has become well attuned to telling the difference. Again, I’ll be helping you to up your game in future articles and courses.

Audio can make or break a project.

The next essential fundamental of video production. The microphone you choose to use can make or break your project. If a video has beautiful imagery, but the audio is terrible, I will find it difficult to continue watching the content. 9 times out of 10, I click away to a different video or site. However, the opposite is also true. If your visual quality is poor, but the dialogue and audio is clear and easy to comprehend, I would continue to watch the video if I find it interesting.

The golden rule here is that consumers are more forgiving of image quality than audio.

So, make sure that your message is clear, and you produce a video that you are proud to put online. As with camera technology, microphones have vastly dropped in price over the last couple of years while improving overall quality. I love that professional-looking video is becoming more and more accessible. Next up, your video background!

Ready on set!

You also have to think about what the background of your video says about you and your brand. What is your brand identity? What do you stand for? What tone are you after?

Whether it’s through the use of a green screen or building an area to record your videos in, it’s something that a lot of people forget about when creating videos for their businesses. The general rule of thumb, especially if you are still in the discovery phase of your online identity and your message as a business, is to go with something neutral, clean, and pleasant to view for your audience.

You may not think that having a distraction-free background with a nice potted plant makes a difference, but it speaks volumes about how you are perceived online. I also tend to remember the video content I watch if they have clean backgrounds representing them as a person and brand—food for thought.

Putting it all together.

If you invest in just a low-budget setup and spend time getting to know all of the fundamentals of video, I guarantee that you'll succeed in shooting better videos that will empower your brand's identity, awareness and build authority and credibility in a world saturated by audio-visual content.

I’m always available to share advice and answer questions on how to shoot better video. Please don't hesitate to send me an email at

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