New Year - New Team?

Is Your AV Company Just Okay? It May Be Time for a Switch

It’s easy to settle. You get into the habit of using the same vendors because it’s easy and convenient. But are your vendors to comfortable? If you need a different "feel" in 2020 and your AV agency is just okay, you’re probably not getting the service and quality you deserve. Complacency creeps up on us when we least expect it, and suddenly, your events don’t have the impact that they used to have and you become disillusioned with your vendor. Because just okay isn’t good enough.

Why You Stay with Your AV Provider

You Don’t Have Time to Find Someone New

As an event planner or marketing professional, you are busy. There are a million things on your plate. While you may have begun to realize that your AV company isn’t hitting the mark, your initial thought is, you don’t have time to find someone new. However, you may be at the point where your AV firm is causing you more stress and problems.

Make the time to find a new vendor because, in the end, it could save you time and headaches. Every event has back and forth on what to do with AV, but if it’s a constant battle to come to a decision or even get a response, then that’s simply unacceptable.

We pride ourselves on cutting out the endless loop of emails. We take the time at the beginning of every event to detail your needs and requirements. Communication is critical in any vendor relationship, and we are all about fostering this to the point where we can anticipate your needs.

You may feel like you don’t have the time to find a new provider—you’ll get that time back and more when you work with an AV firm that takes a proactive approach.

You Really Like Them

Being fond of your current AV company is probably one of the biggest reasons you’re not making a move. Of course, you want to like the team you work with, but liking someone and them doing the job well are two different things.

Be sure that your feelings toward them don’t cloud the mistakes or challenges that are happening. And it never hurts to shop around because not every AV company is the same. Some can offer better pricing and superior products, or they have more expertise in certain areas. Even if you stay with your current vendor—it’s never a bad idea to have a backup in case your preferred provider is booked or happens to go out of business.

They’ve Been Doing Your Events for Years

You may feel that your AV company knows your events better than you do. They’ve been doing it for years and your events have been successful. But familiarity breeds stagnation. You may be relying too much on your AV company in these situations. Without even knowing it, they could be jeopardizing your event.

They’ll stop innovating and introducing something new because they fall back on what they’ve been doing. When you test out the market, you may find that a new AV company has its finger on the pulse of trends and new innovations. Having a new set of eyes on your event could transform it into something you hadn’t even imagined.

You Don’t Know Enough About AV to Seek Out a New Partner

You probably know the basics of AV, but you rely on the expertise of your vendor. You don’t have to become an expert to seek out someone new. Instead, soak up information (like the great stories we share on our blog!), and you’ll know what questions to ask and how to move forward.

Deciding to make a switch can seem overwhelming, but in the end, you may find that a new relationship could save you money and time while delivering an event that is fresh and memorable.

Let's start a conversation today, give us a call at (702) 848-3128 or email us at Have a great day, and thanks for reading this.

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