Using Zoom for Live Stream

Have you thought about live streaming for your organization but aren’t sure where to start? Zoom makes it easy and affordable for you to live stream meetings and webinars. With plans ranging from free, Pro, Business, and Education to Enterprise levels, Zoom makes live-streaming accessible to more people than ever.

Before we get into the technical knowledge and the know-how, we have been using the Zoom webinar plan to livestream for our clients that have a Zoom webinar account. If you have the Zoom pro plan and want a great economical way to share content then adding the webinar plan for the number of attendees for your event is my recommendation.

Account and Technical Requirements

Depending on the type of live stream you want to host, you will need a Zoom account or license. Generally, you must have at least a Pro account to host a live stream on Facebook, Facebook Workplace, or YouTube. To livestream a meeting, you’ll need Zoom Client version 4.4.53582 or higher on your Mac or PC. For a webinar live stream, you must have a Pro account, Webinar license, and Zoom Client version 4.0 or higher.

Need to use a platform other than Facebook or YouTube? Zoom lets you livestream on custom platforms, too. You’ll need either a Pro account or Webinar license and Zoom Client version 4.0x or higher. You can even use a multi-streaming service to live stream to multiple platforms at the same time.

Enable Zoom Live Streaming

Any Zoom user can enable Zoom live streaming for their own account. However, only an administrator who is authorized to edit groups or account settings may allow groups or other members of an organization to live stream.

To enable live streaming for a meeting at the group level, log in as an administrator, and go to group settings. Click the name of the group and toggle Allow Meetings. Click either Facebook, Workbook by Facebook, YouTube or, Custom Live Streaming Service. To enable organization members at the account level, go to Account Settings after you log in as an administrator, and follow the same steps. A user who is not an administrator can log in and enable live streaming for their own account.

Enabling live streaming for a webinar is just as easy, but you must be an owner or administrator to do this. After you log in, click Account Management and then Webinar Settings, and then click Edit. Select “Allow hosts to live stream to webinars,” and then select your preferred live streaming platform.

Zoom Live Stream Features

Zoom lets you select options from an advanced menu to make your live stream work best for you and your attendees. For example, you can enable interactive features such as polling and chat. Your audience will appreciate the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and participate in discussions. Your organization or brand will benefit from immediate engagement with potential customers.

Speaking of audience engagement, you’ll be able to see a list of attendees during your live stream. You can even ask attendees for more information about themselves. The virtual hand-raising feature lets worldwide attendees feel more like they are in one meeting room.

Recording and Transcribing

After all that hard work, you should be able to keep a recording or transcript of your live stream. Zoom makes it easy for you to save content from your meeting or webinar for later use. If you have a free account, you can download a recording to your hard drive. With a Pro account or higher, you can record the live stream to cloud platforms. Both options make it possible for you to edit the content or use it again in another meeting or webinar.

Maybe you’d prefer a written record of your live stream. Zoom can provide a transcript of your event so that you can create an article, blog post, or other content from your live stream.


With Zoom live streaming, your brand is no longer limited by time or place. Whether your organization is a startup or an established corporation, you can now benefit from worldwide engagement. Choose the plan level that works for you, and get started on that live stream.


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